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Here's what MiCore users say:

"I train regularly and core stability and strength are at the heart of my routines - allowing me to complete complex lifts with maximal efficiency and safety. However, finding new core stability exercises has been difficult , until I started using MiCore. MiCore allows me to add an element of competition to what would normally be mundane core sessions. Results can be saved and allow me to ensure I am able to progress within each work out. The movements which MiCore allows also ensures all areas of my core are developed. The innovative lights focus your attention on responding to them and a ten minute core work out flys by. MiCore would be a superb addition to any work out, whether your are beginning a training programme or are an experienced trainer who is looking to continually develop their routine to ensure results quickly." – Phil


"The perfect product for making core exercises exciting and you don’t have to go to the gym to use it. It is a great stay at home gym product as not only does it give you a great work out but also doesn’t take up too much of your important domestic space. This gives it a quite unique aspect and is something I also try to use especially in a busy schedule when I can’t find time to go to the gym. Would recommend it for professionals to your every day man. I feel better for it." – Owen


"As an experienced personal trainer, I know that ensuring my clients have a strong core is essential. This ensures they avoid injury and allows me to introduce new training exercises and techniques to add variety to their routines. MiCore allows me to bolt on interesting but extremely effective core routines throughout their work out and this new piece of equipment adds interest and competition to the work out. This is not a gimic - it really works and other Personal Trainers often ask to use MiCore to ensure their clients are listening to them and not looking at my sessions!! This is also a great way to gain interest from new, potential clients. Competition events can be held within the gym and it's always a source of interest within a busy fitness centre. The fact that results can also be saved moves away from the subjective nature of a normal core work outs. This ensures session by session and week by week the clients core strength can be developed and the client can see real results. I would recommend MiCore to any Personal Trainer and the investment will quickly pay off as clients flock to use this exciting piece of equipment which could revolutionise core stability routines." – Phil P-T


"MiCore has helped me to regain the strength of my Core muscles since childbirth. The great thing about MiCore is that the programmes allow you to go at your own pace. The tangible feedback with the programmes gives you the perfect reassurance that you are making progress; however, the quick start function and programmes also mean that if you are returning to exercise you can do so in a fun and enjoyable setting. Core exercises and engaging to pelvic floor are extremely boring…..not with the MiCore and you always want to go back to it; whilst it is hard and you have to the work the results drive you to get better and do more. On another level with the responsibility of a young family, finding the time to get to a gym is not that easy. MiCore is a very easy to use home product that has taken the time issues of going to a gym away. This is an extremely enjoyable, fun product and the best things is that you are doing the hard work without realising due to the lights providing the game to play against. Affordable and highly recommended." – Rachel, Mother of two

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