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What is MiCore

MiCore is a new and exciting way to exercise your core. React to the lights to make your core workout more fun and engaging. The five programmes (Quick Start, Reaction, Knock-out, T-reps and T-time)  are easy to set up and use and offer great variety. You can set them up to provide a workout that is personalised for your preferences and fitness level. 

Why MiCore?

MiCore enables an all over workout with a series of predetermined programs that provoke the user to work the muscles while overcoming the boredom typically associated with performing repetitive exercises.

Explore your competitive side as you try to beat yourself and the computer with this motivational core challenge machine. Just like a real personal trainer, it motivates you with its entertaining and challenging light-reactor programmes. React to the lights, perform an exercise and touch the correct button to score. You'll feel your competitive nature come to life as you try to beat MiCore or your previous score. The machine also stores your favourite programme, so you can try to beat your best results. MiCore enables you to benefit from tangible feedback on how your core fitness is progressing.

MiCore Benefits

Increase activity by engaging in the MiCore experience

The MiCore Experience

If you are serious about improving your overall core fitness - MiCore is the must have product. Have fun and enjoy working your way to new and improved fitness levels with the MiCore. 

It offers a fun, challenging and versatile core workout that can be done anywhere. MiCore is durable and provides you with a variety of programmes to keep you engaged. Programmes can be adjusted for individual needs and levels. Challenge yourself and your friends.

For the first time core workouts can be enjoyable - have fun and make progress. MiCore will make you want to do more and take the boredom away.

MiCore helps you do the hard work!!! 

How MiCore works

Quick Start program:

T-Time - 'Target Time' program:

T-Reps - 'Target Reps' program:

'Reaction' program:

'Knockout' program:

User program - U1 & U2:

Time and Space saver

If you're short of time MiCore offers a great core home workout. MiCore is easy to store and does not take up much space. MiCore is easy to move and can be set up anywhere.


Random light sequences

MiCore has 10 buttons that can light up. They are split in to five areas with a left and right button. Ideally, the performer will ignite the right button with their right hand and the left button with their left hand. However, it is up to the performer how they prefer to ignite the light. The lights will come on in random sequences depending on the programme that the performer has chosen.

Adjustable height

The height of MiCore can be adjusted to suit different users needs. This allows the users to perform a variety of exercises.


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